General Venting

Jackassery at its finest

Posted: August 2, 2012 in General Venting 

Ladies and gents of the ‘net world, I feel as if I need to address a serious issue. Now, for some of you young men, this may not seem like a big deal, but trust me when I say it is. The issue: men who let their pants hang past their rear. Gentlemen, pay attention to the wizdom I’m about to dispense, because it may very well save you one day. The trend you love so much makes you all look like thugs. The first time I see a young man with his pants sagging like that, I automatically start laughing. I see you as a joke. I don’t take you seriously. It’s hard to take a man seriously when his pants are sagging so low they hit his shoes. Let me explain something to you guys:

The pants trend you all are so fond of has its origin in prisons. Back in the day, prisoners had to find a way to let others know that they were “available”. It had to be a way that would not be so obvious and could get past the guards. The method they chose was lowering their pants slightly. It was just enough to show their rear end, which let other prisoners know what they were looking for. Fleece Johnson, a prisoner at Kentucky State Penitentiary, has said that the style “is sexy to us”, in reference to himself and other prisoners.
Lock-Up_RAW Booty Warrior Fleece Johnson
Gents, if you really think think you look “gangsta” or “cool” to the public when you drop your pants that low, you are sadly mistaken. News flash! No one thinks that style is cool. And if you go to an HBCU (Historically Black College/University), then you should be embarrassed to walk around with your pants low like that. Pull up your pants, act like you have some common sense, get a belt and tighten it. I don’t want to see the color of your underwear and I definitely don’t care what brand name you wear. You may be very intelligent, well mannered, strong in your faith, and a wonderful son to your parents, but when you allow your pants to sag low enough to show your behind, you give the world the wrong impression about you. Your choice of style has people thinking that you’re a thug and that you lack self respect or perhaps respect for others. Do not allow your choice of style to define you, but rather your brain. Use that to prove yourself instead.


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