Weight Loss: Are You Helping or Are You Sabotaging?

Now, this is a subject I have never covered before. I started thinking about an article I read a few days ago on Us Weekly, titled Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian Criticize Rob Kardashian’s Stretch Marks, Weight Gain, where Kim and Khloe Kardashian discussed their younger brother, Rob Kardashian, and his struggle with weight loss. The two sisters decided that they were going to utilize reverse psychology on their little brother by leaving him “in a room and just give him burgers, fries and pizza” and allow him to “binge out a little.” Honestly, it does not sound like they want to help him. Maybe, in their own strange, twisted little ways they believe they are helping Rob achieve his weight loss goal. Let’s be honest here. If you know someone in your life is trying their hardest to lose weight, why would you make a disparaging comment like that? Clearly, these two do not believe their brother can drop the weight and are making hurtful remarks to let him know it. Whatever the motive, it is not going to help Rob; rather, it would hurt him in more ways than one. Think about it: the people you love most–and those who should love you most–are making hurtful remarks about your body on television and putting you down for all to see. Frankly, I am thoroughly disgusted. On top of that, it sounds as though they are encouraging Rob to become bulimic or anorexic. Since his sisters wish to put down Rob and his weight, they might want to take a long look at themselves and the issues they have with their own bodies. Ladies, clean the skeletons out of your own closets before you start peeking in Rob’s.


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