Trayvon Martin: Everybody’s got to have something to say

If you read the paper, stay online frequently, listen to the radio or have access to a television, then you know about the Trayvon Martin case. A 17 year old boy was murdered by a nutcase vigilante named George Zimmerman. Now, I know it’s not nice to make fun of people, but screw it, he abdicated his right to be respected a long time ago. This poor excuse of human flesh called 911 on Trayvon, claiming that he was behaving in a suspicious manner. He made sure the 911 operator knew that Trayvon is African-American on more than one occasion during the phone call. Zimmerman is  a neighborhood watch captain, not a police officer. He also had a handgun with him and followed Trayvon, even after the 911 operator told him not to do so.  Now everyone in Zimmerman’s life, from family members to neighbors, are coming out of the wood works to say that he’s not a racist, that he has “black friends and family members,” and that he was defending himself against an unarmed Trayvon. Mind you, Trayvon did NOT have a gun on him; he had a can of Arizona iced tea and a bag of Skittles. A BAG OF SKITTLES AND A CAN OF FRIGGIN ICED TEA!!! The Sanford police department chose not to pursue the case, because Zimmerman claimed self-defense and the police bought it. There is a law down there called the “Stand Your Ground” law, which basically allows you to go Gunsmoke on a person if you feel that your life is in danger. That law is complete and utter bull$#i+ in my opinion. So is Zimmerman’s claim of “self-defense.” As of right now, Zimmerman is in hiding. No surprise. Damn near everybody wants his head. Even the New Black Panther Party has put out a $10,000 bounty on his arrest and they’re talking about upping the anty to $1,000,000. Think about it, people. If you say you’ll give $10,000 to the person who finds Zimmerman, what do you think that person will do to him? I think we all know what will happen. The Black Panthers said they want him brought to them and that they’ll turn him into the federal government. If the federal government won’t take him, the Black Panthers will deal with him. Three guesses what that probably means. I think it’s a good idea to let the law deal with him. Let’s do it the right way, people. Trayvon’s family will not get true justice until Zimmerman’s in jail for his crimes, not kidnapped by a number of vigilantes who will probably handle him themselves.

Since I’m on the subject of how to handle things, let’s talk about Spike Lee, shall we? Everybody is so eager to find Zimmerman, they’ll post whatever information they can about him on any and every social media outlet. Now, I can’t put all of the blame of Spike. I can give him some of the blame. Not too long ago, a man named Marcus D. Higgins originally tweeted the home address of George Zimmerman. Or so he thought. It turns out to be the address of an elderly couple who have no ties to the Zimmerman situation whatsoever. They do have a son with a similar name, but that’s as close to Zimmerman as they will ever get. As if tweeting the address wasn’t bad enough, Spike Lee had to jump on the bandwagon and re-tweet the address. Spike didn’t know that it wasn’t Zimmerman’s address, but after he found out–and after much prodding from his 200,000+ followers, and a few non-followers–tweeted an apology to the elderly couple and offered financial restitution. After receiving hate mail and reporters showing up on their doorstep, the couple had to take residence in a hotel for several days. They feared for their lives because someone thought it fun to publish their home address. The original poster of the offending tweet apologized on twitter and the couple accepted his apology. However, that did not change the fact that their lives were in danger because of the carelessness of two men and their followers who also re-tweeted the address. While I’m glad both have apologized, it should not have happened in the first place. These people should not have had to leave their home. They should not have received those death threats and reporters accosting them at their home. I think we all need to just pray that things go the way that they should and that justice for Trayvon and his family prevails. Pray that the Sanford police department gets a complete overhaul. And pray that George Zimmerman admits to his wrongdoings and confesses that he murdered an unarmed young man in cold blood.

And to George Zimmerman: Trayvon belonged in that neighborhood. He was visiting one of his parents who lived in that gated community you so desperately wanted to “protect.” After calling 911 a total of 46 times, I would think they wouldn’t take you seriously. You are not a police officer. You never will be. You wanted to play cowboy so badly that it took the life of a child who was walking back to the home of one of his parents. Do you make it a habit of sitting in your car watching as people walk by? Do you make it a habit of asking random people “What are you doing here? What business do you have here?” Had that been me you stopped, you would have gotten one hell of a response. I simply would have told you that  my business did not concern you, I belong here, and have a nice evening. Get your act together, stop playing supercop, and leave the job to the professionals.



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